Thandeka Mwandiambira

CEO, Thandeka Mwandiambira, has an Information Technology back ground with a leading Investment Bank. Through her work, she has been exposed to many aspects of running and managing a business and has always longed to pursue an entrepreneur path in order to create wealth and create employment.Thandeka regularly contributes to the welfare of the disadvantaged and believes that the provision of employment as opposed to “hand outs” is one of the first steps of alleviating unemployment in South Africa. Thandeka is from a modest background and grew up in Jabulani, Soweto and she worked hard to Graduate with a BSc Information Technology and Infomatics Degree from the University of Johannesburg. Thandeka believes that her drive to succeed is largely a result of her tough upbringing, strong family values and Christian Faith which have instilled an attitude that “anything is possible” especially when looking at her background and achievements to date. Thandeka manages all Administration, Operations and Human Resources.

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